A new year


Since the last time I blogged, a lot has happened and I’m really sorry I haven’t been around. First, OMG Vampire Diaries is back and Damon is back to being Damon. Argh!! Anywhoo a new school year will be starting soon for me and I am excited! Hopefully all will go well and it won’t end up like Gossip Girl (remember NYU and Georgina from season 3?)

This week has been a busy week, with Chinese New Year and visiting of relatives and all. But they are all the same, bragging about their child’s good grades, bragging about her handbag, bragging, bragging and more bragging! I feel like I’m suddenly thrown into a world much like Gossip Girl and I’m from Brooklyn.

And before you say what is Chinese New Year, allow me to elaborate.

Chinese New Year is a holiday that celebrates the beginning of a new year according to the lunar calendar. It is considered to be one of the most important holidays for Chinese families.

The holiday is celebrated with big family gatherings, gift giving, the eating of symbolic foods and display of festive decorations–all focused on bringing good luck for the new year and celebrating the coming of Spring.

Taken from Kaboose

Some common food eaten during Chinese New Year would be nian gao, a type of sticky rice cake, love letters and Bakkwa, a Chinese salty-sweet dried meat product similar to jerky. But the best part about CNY is the money I receive from the red packets. I cannot wait to indulge in a manicure on Tuesday and splurge a little at MAC. Hey, I had a stressful 2010 after all! Speaking of MAC, did you know that MAC eyeshadows have increased from $26 to $28 and lip gloss from $28 to $30 as of Feb 1st, 2011? 😦 Boo.

I shall stop rambling and end this blog post. Look out for more beauty posts coming up.

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1. Tony Moly – Ice Queen: Multi Play Cream SPF 30
2. By Terry Rose de Rose Sheer Liquid Blush (Fresh Rose)
3. Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation
4. Benefit High Beam
5. NARS Laguna Bronzer
6. Lorac Natural Performance Foundation
7. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencils in Lit, Sin, Clash
8. Lorac Translucent Touch Up Powder

Of course the wishlist goes on but these are my top few ‘wants’. The By Terry blush is extremely pricey in Singapore so I’d have to buy it the next time I go to US. And as for NARS and Lorac, I’ll have to get it at US as well. 😦 Why doesn’t Sephora SG carry these brands? So unfair.

Have you used any of these products before? Thoughts?

Hello all! I’m probably one of the youngest beauty bloggers out there. 😉 Here’s some background about me. I’m a student (can’t say my specific age but I’m definitely older than 14 but still a teen) residing in Singapore. 2010 was the year when I started trying out makeup and experimenting with it! I will be reviewing my current makeup products and doing hauls. Stay tuned!

Oh and I’ll also be doing non makeup related posts like food reviews! I personally love eating yummy food and taking pictures of the food I eat. That makes me a makeupaholic AND a foodaholic. Hehee. Cheers!